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When it comes to civil engineering services in Florida, Georgia, and other states, trust none other than FEG. We are a team of industry professionals that offers a wide range of services related to land development and municipal engineering. From site planning, site analysis, site plan design, and permitting to construction administration services of civil engineering projects, we are at your service. Our comprehensive civil engineering capabilities allow us to take projects from the initial planning phases through final design and construction. Browse our website to learn more about who we are and how we can be of service to you.

Our Specializations

A site feasibility study is a crucial step in determining the viability of a site for its intended use prior to committing significant financial and time resources. There are many factors, which impact the ability to develop a site for its intended use in a timely and cost-effective manner. These include regulatory requirements, land use, zoning, drainage, wetlands, environmental concerns, soils and groundwater, drainage, floodplain, utilities, roadway access, school concurrency, traffic concurrency, moratoriums, impact fees, planned code changes, historic preservation, and covenants and restrictions, just to name a few. We understand that any of these items can have a significant impact on our clients’ objectives. Our highly skilled engineers have significant experience in site feasibility evaluation and can help you evaluate a prospective site and understand the constraints related to its development prior to committing significant resources so you can make the appropriate decisions.

FEG has significant experience in governmental requirements related to the entitlement process. We maintain strong working relationships with many land use attorneys, local regulators, and other stakeholders involved in the entitlement process and provide our clients with our expertise to help guide the entitlement process. Our collaborative and transparent approach has allowed us to be successful in entitling many projects and sites for our clients, and we can help you with your site entitlement needs.

Understanding planning and zoning is a crucial part of the land development process and has a significant impact on site design and the ability to design and permit a project properly and efficiently. Our staff has extensive experience in governmental regulations and land development codes and the various processes related to site development, with several of our engineers having previously worked for various local and regional governments. Our understanding of the intricate details related to the planning and zoning and governmental approval process gives us a unique ability to help our clients with their projects by properly incorporating site planning and zoning requirements early in the design process.

FEG has the capability of providing a standalone water distribution system, sewer collection and conveyance system utility, and sewer lift station designs for major infrastructure municipal improvements or as part of any land development project, such as commercial, single-family residential, multi-family residential, industrial, and institutional. We utilize state-of-the-art computer modeling as part of the design of these utilities and the latest CAD software in plan production and preparation.

FEG has successfully completed the design and permitting of hundreds of projects throughout Florida, Georgia, the Southeast United States, Dubai, and Saudi Arabia. We cover all aspects of site design and permitting and have significant experience in various sectors, including industrial, multi-family residential, single-family residential, retail, office, medical, institutional, hotels and hospitality, mixed-use, and municipal. Our comprehensive capabilities allow us to take any project from the initial site entitlement and planning phases through final design, permitting, and construction.

FEG has the capability of providing standalone roadway and transportation infrastructure design as part of municipal or land development projects. We have completed countless roadway and intersection projects for municipal clients or land development clients as part of private land developments projects.

Our landscape architecture team can provide support landscape architecture services on all our projects. They bring extensive experience and a unique skill set to help in the planning, design, and management of the built and natural environments. The ability to provide landscape architecture services in-house allows FEG to efficiently incorporate the landscape aspects of each project into the overall design and permitting process.

Stormwater management is one of the key design elements affecting site development in Florida and many other geographical areas. FEG has significant capability related to stormwater management system design and analysis, including the use of the latest state-of-the-art modeling software and tools. In addition to performing stormwater management system design on the various land-development projects, FEG has the capability of performing watershed modeling and floodplain evaluation. Several of our engineers have been involved in very large watershed studies and have extensive backgrounds in stormwater management system design, including dry-retention systems, wet-detention systems, underground vaults, exfiltration systems, and nutrient removal BMP’s.

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